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Rahayeb desert Camp is a Bedouin style retreat dedicated to providing guests with an enjoyable desert experience designed to elevate their understanding of the sensitive desert environment while also fostering a respect for the history and culture of the indigenous people who live there.

Located in a remote spot, carefully selected within the Wadi Rum Protected Area, Rahayeb desert Camp is well situated and equipped to provide guests with an authentic Wadi Rum encounter.

Secluded from the influence of modern civilization, visitors are able to catch the full affect the desert has to offer. Guests will be reacquainted with all six senses. Experiencing new dimensions of hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, touching, and overall self awareness.

From the unspoiled natural landscape to the quiet illuminated night sky, Wadi Rum comes alive at Rahayeb desert Camp.

Rahayeb desert Camp is a full service destination resort.

With our online "Package that fits you" itinerary planner, Rahayeb can arrange a large variety of exciting activities and tours to suit individual interests and desires.

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Things to do

Discover what Rahayeb Desert Camp has to offer


Hot Air Balloon Ride
over Wadi Rum

It is such an Ugly Truth to miss the hot air balloon ride over Wadi Rum! Let the Sunrise breeze play with your hair while exploring the breath-taking landscape of sandstone multi-coloured mountains, and fulfilling your soul with the morning dew smell.


Jeep Tours
in Wadi Rum

So you think you know Wadi Rum? Take the jeep tour to explore the magnificent landscape, history and archaeology of the first person lived here. Don’t forget to try the special Bedouin tea!

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Package Includes

Complete tour of the Wadi Rum main attractions, ending with sunset viewing in a remote desert location. Back to the camp for dinner, oud singer, overnight, breakfast and check out. Please note that jeep tours starts from one hour ,two hours, three hours, and four hours up to six hours. Each one has special routes and special prices.


Star Gazing
in Desert

Want to see more than one star away from city lights sky? We promise you will billions! Our star gazing tour gives you the chance to meet your favourite stars. You might consider yourself luckier when you see a shooting star. Don’t forget to make a wish!


in Wadi Rum

Enjoy the Eat Pray Love experience in Wadi Rum! We are dedicated to elevate your visit by taking care of the soul. Live the Jordanian meditation practice with us and feel the difference.


Camel Safari
in Desert

They say “The camel and its driver -- each has his own plan”. Our camels and drivers have one plan is to show you the beauty of the AmberWadi Rum at Sunset time, until the stars starts shining in the sky.

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Package Includes

This one covers the sand dunes, Al Ameleh Inscription by jeep into Wadi um Ishrin by camels and then to Rakabet Um ejil where lunch is served. Trekking Rakabet Um Ejil Canyon starts after lunch into Al Khazali Canyon. From Al Khazali canyon the group stops to watch the sun set and coffee break and then back to Rahayeb camp on their camels.


Climbing & Rappelling

In this amazing adventure you will join our expert guides for the ride of a lifetime! Perfect for all abilities and fun for the entire family.


Horse Back Riding
in Desert

The Arabia horses are very forward and responsive, yet very tamed and well-trained.


Buggies Tour
in Desert

Fancy living life on the edge? Let your adrenalin be itself and try our version of The Fast & the Furious on a buggy racing your friends and surfing the beauty of Wadi Rum.

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Our Accommodations:

● Maximum Guests : 171

● Standard Tents: (One bedroom with outside bathroom): 23

● Deluxe Tents (One bedroom with inside bathroom): 20

● Mini Suite Tents (One bedroom and sofa bed with inside bathroom): 5

● Family Suites Tents (Two bedrooms sharing one inside bathroom): 3

● Seated areas capacity up to 270 guests.

● Restrooms: 6 for Ladies & 6 for Gentlemen

● Showers: 4 for ladies & 4 for Gentlemen

● Dining rooms: Two traditional buffet style dining areas.

● Living rooms: Two traditional sitting areas.

● Terrace: Two Terraces, Family Terrace (Up to 15 guests) & Public Terrace (Up to 60 guests)

● Private Camping area (Bring your own tents and we will provide you with the perfect place).

for more info call +962 3 2058557

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Camp: Wadi Rum - Diseh / Seeq Ummel Tawagi
Office: Aqaba - Sa'adeh str / Bank of Jordan building - 3rd floor
Email: info@rahayebdc.com
Tel.: +962 3 2058557
Mob.: +962 79 6909030
Fax: +962 3 2058556
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